Plan to Buy Plan to Buy

Plan to Buy

Over the next decade and beyond the regeneration programme will steadily release 7,000 new homes for sale.

This means that you’ve got time to plan and save to own one of these homes. Although going through the home buying journey may seem daunting, there is support available to people who are thinking about purchasing a home in Tāmaki. Read on to find out more.

OWN IT with Tāmaki Affordable Homes

Owning your own home can change your life. It gives you stability and security, and it can change your whānau’s lives for generations to come. Buying a home is not always an easy thing to do, especially if you earn a low or middle income in Auckland. But help is here for you. Around 1,500 new homes are being built in Tāmaki especially for local whānau. OWN IT has been set up to help you to buy one.

OWN IT homes are for first home buyers who live in or have a strong connection to Tāmaki. If you’re working and have a total household income of less than $130,000, talk to us. We’d especially love to hear from Māori and Pasifika whānau.


KiwiBuild is a government initiative designed to increase the supply of more affordable housing options for New Zealanders. Homes built by KiwiBuild must be sold under the price cap of $650,000 for a three-bedroom home. This gives more people the opportunity to buy their own home. You can check your eligibility, learn about the buying process, view upcoming and available KiwiBuild homes, and subscribe for the latest updates. Visit the KiwiBuild website to find out if you’re eligible for a KiwiBuild home.